Plus and Minus by Bruno Munari
Bruno Munari's visual game Plus and Minus, Corraini Edizioni
'Plus and Minus' by Giovanni Belgrano & Bruno Munari

Plus and Minus

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by Bruno Munari

Plus and Minus is a wonderfully inventive and imaginative visual game created by Italian masters Bruno Munari & Giovanni Belgrano

It consists of 72 cards, with 48 transparent ones that can be superimposed to compose complex images and stimulate a child’s creativity.

Our favorite artist Bruno Munari will inspire you with endless visual invention and storytelling!
This is a very special gift for little artistic minds.

6.1 x 6.1 inch
72 play cards

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By overlapping pictures of trees, you can create a wood. By adding some rain, the sun or the moon, or some birds, a passing dog, or whatever, the overall picture can be continuously changed. A great artistic activity devised by the wonderful Bruno Munari.

Plus and Minus by Bruno Munari

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