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by Pico Pao

A clever balancing and stacking game based on seemingly arbitrary geometric pieces, the kinds of shapes that you might find around a carpenter’s workbench. It challenges your creative instincts for picking the shapes at random and trying to balance and stack them in an almost endless number of ways. As you can see from the photos, the shapes begin to suggest familiar forms and objects once combined!

Wooden shapes
Wooden presentation box

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EL BALANCÍN is a game based on two of the oldest and most basic play activities known: stacking and balancing. People have been playing with these elements since the dawn of time. This game helps us recapture our primitive sense of experimentation. Both possibilities, standing up or falling over, can be equally exciting!

Pico Pao - El Balancin

Video: El Balancin by Ludus Ludi from Ludus Ludi on Vimeo.

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