Before you contact us, see if we can help you first here:

Please check your spam folder first before you contact us.

Order processing and completion emails are always sent to you but they can sometimes get lost in your spam folder!

Please look for the emails from Moon Picnic in your spam/junk mail & mark them as ‘Not Spam’ so you don’t miss our emails next time.

If you still can’t find it, it may be because the email address is incorrect – this also happens sometimes. In this case, please contact us with the full name you used for your order!

Please check your spam folder for our delivery confirmation email first. Often customers who email us for the delivery status have received their confirmation emails already but they’re hiding in a spam folder.

Please search for an email with a subject ‘ Your Moon Picnic order is on its way!’ in your spam folder first.

Another way to find out the status of your order is to log into our site and go to My Account page (small icon on top right, next to the cart icon) > Orders.

You can see all your orders and the status on this page. If you click ‘View’ on Completed orders, you can see your tracking information.

The welcome emails are always sent immediately after you subscribe, so please check your spam folder first before you email us. It’s highly likely that it’s hiding in there.

Please mark it as ‘Not Spam’ so you don’t miss our other emails!

We used to issue manual refunds for forgotten coupon codes, however due to an increasing number of enquiries we’re no longer able to do this. Sorry about this!
Coupon codes must be applied at the checkout and can’t be redeemed afterwards.  

If you did not use it please use it for your next purchase. 

Thanks for your understanding!

For Returns, exchanges, refunds:

Please use our Returns form instead.
Please do check your spam folder first
for your order status emails.

9 out of 10 customers who email us regarding their missing order status emails actually received them but they were in their spam folder.
It helps us a lot and saves you time if you can check this first.

Thank you very much!

Please get in touch with the form below for all other enquiries.

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