Eperfa makes slowly designed and slowly manufactured open-ended toys. Their enchanting designs tell the story of the landscapes and wildlife in Hungary, the hills around Budapest and the ever-changing lake Balaton. They invite you to step into the charm of this beautiful country with rich history and nature in the middle of Europe. These toys are dedicated to the natural slowness of childhood where kids can explore freely and take their time to observe. They source 95% of their wood from a local national park (Duna-Ipoly Nemzeti Park), directly from the foresters who maintain the woods there, making sure the whole ecosystem is well protected and looked after.
All toys are produced ethically, by individual craftsmen and in small workshops around Budapest, where disabled and socially underprivileged people are employed. Their wellbeing and balanced workload means the production is slow, but this is an important value for this thoughtful brand. 

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