Galileo's Telescope by Palomar
Galileo's Telescope by Palomar
Galileo's Telescope by Palomar

Galileo’s Telescope

$ 273.00

by Palomar

Inspired by the telescope built by Galileo in 1609, this contemporary instrument follows the original form, a focal length of 1 meter and construction materials. It’s perfect for quality astronomical observation.

You can observe the moon, the major planets, and other celestial bodies scattered through the solar system, just as Galileo did over 400 years ago in Venice, Italy.

A novel, original object that bridges past and present that makes a wonderful and inspiring gift for curious young minds.

H 50 x W 20 x L 100 cm
See below for specifications

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Designed by Odoardo Fioravanti

Technical Specifi­ca­tions
 – Optical glass / abs / metal tube / beech wood / oak wood
Objective lens 
Ø 60 mm / Focal length
1000 mm
 – 67x, 80x, 100x with three eyepieces as standard equipment

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