Inflatable Toy - 1970s design by Czech designer Libuše Niklová - exhibited at MoMA New York in the ‘Century of a Child’ exhibition in 2012

Caterpillar Inflatable Toy

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Designed by Czech toy designer Libuše Niklová in the 1970’s
A truly giant caterpillar that will look great slinking around in a kids room.

A design classic from the 1970s, now reissued and made in Europe. Part of a celebrated series of inflatable animals in bright bold colors, exhibited in MoMA's ‘Century of the Child’.

Caterpillar is big enough to be sat on, if you have lots of legs…
Certified toy safe to European standards

17 x 37inch

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Czech designer Libuše Niklová designed these classic inflatable toys with a wonderful sense of form, creating such simple structures but with so much animal character!

Niklová’s son, artist Petr Nikl, discusses some of the creations of Libuše Niklová that are featured in the ‘Century of the Child’ exhibition at MoMA in this video.

“In the mid 1960s she started designing inflatables. They are supposed to be sat upon and they start talking when the kids move.
For me these inflatables are special because they are filled with my breath, or that of the person who inflates them.
If you want to relocate them, you can deflate them and blow them again. I see it as a metaphor for constant bringing to life.”

Classic Caterpillar inflatable toy designed by Libuše Niklová

Classic Caterpillar inflatable toy designed by Libuše Niklová

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