4 Primo Bird Calls Gift Box
4 Primo Bird Calls Gift Box
4 Primo Bird Calls Gift Box

4 Primo Bird Calls Gift Box

$ 89.00

by Quelle Est Belle

This beautifully presented wooden box set includes 4 hand-crafted bird calls:

Ideal beginners box to learn and identify different bird songs.

wood & metal
wooden box
made in France

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Monsieur Francois Morelle has been inventing and developing these bird calls since his childhood in the mountains of southern France. Slowly and conscientiously created, crafted from natural materials, they closely imitate the wonderful and diverse sounds of different wild birds.

Your call will allow you to learn to recognize birds by their song, to communicate with them, to discover, observe and love them – this, according to M. Morel, is “without doubt a first step in understanding the secret of happiness.” Slowly and conscientiously created from lasting materials such as boxwood, maple, beech, leather and brass, these are wonderful gifts to share between generations.

The ‘BIRDS’ box set makes a very special and unusual gift for all children and grown-ups who love nature and find joy in bird songs.
The box, made of wood, is assembled piece by piece by a carpenter who loves his job. The illustration of the bird is printed at the bottom of each box. Usage tips are provided in each package.

Use it for your pleasure and for the children who love nature!

Weight 1.09 lbs
Dimensions 8.3 x 8.3 x 2.4 in
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